Gary Koreiba

Gary0660Gary’s Background

Born in Port Huron, MI, Gary grew up loving music.  In fact, singing is all he ever wanted to do.  At 18, he joined a Christian band, and by the age of 22 had moved to Nashville, TN, where he got the highly sought-after job of singing background vocals for Contemporary Christian singer Russ Taff.  When not on the road, he sang national jingles for companies such as Ford, Pontiac, and Subway, as well as singing with gospel great, Bill Gaither, on the Homecoming Video Series.

While touring with Russ, Gary met fellow CCM artist, Kim Boyce.  In 1990, Gary and Kim were married.  The couple continued recording and traveling in gospel music for 10 more years.  During that time, they became the parents of two boys, and, knowing that they wanted to provide a stable home environment for their children, they began to pray about the next step in their lives, careers, and ministry.

Soon after, Gary was contacted about joining a popular Branson vocal group.  Because a move to Branson would be a vast departure from their lives in the music business, Gary and Kim were hesitant.

“After a lot of prayer,  we knew that God had opened the door, so we made the move.  Being here has allowed us to continue to sing, and in a much different way, we continue to minister.  We moved here for our boys, but we have all grown,” Gary said.

For 13 seasons, Gary was the driving vocal force in the vocal group.  Now he and Kim are moving into a new phase of ministry.  “For the past several years, Kim and I have felt a desire to minister through singing, speaking, and touring in other areas, such as local churches, couples’ retreats, seminars, and wherever God opens doors.  We have just come through a very difficult season, but throughout the darkest days, we had a confidence that God is in control of our circumstances.  We have been blessed to have godly friends who encouraged us to walk forward in faith, not fear, knowing that God is working all things together for our good.  Kim and I know this is true, and we believe that our testimony of God’s faithfulness and provision will be a blessing and encouragement to others.”