God is God, and I am not!

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I love the beginning of a new year!  It feels like a fresh start.  I don’t like to make New Year’s Resolutions because they usually don’t last very long.  I do, however, like to spend time seeking direction for the coming year.  For 2013, I believe that the direction I’ve been given is this:  God is God, and I am not!  

This phrase comes from the book Counseling: How to Counsel Biblically by John MacArthur.  I’m reading the book to supplement my Master’s degree studies in Christian Counseling, and as so often happens, God speaks to me when I don’t know that I’m even listening.


God alone is eternal; He knows the end from the beginning,

and thus He is able to comprehend exactly how all things will in fact

“work together for good,” no matter how distressing

some of those things might seem to us…Therefore, God deserves

to be honored, worshiped, trusted, feared, and loved as God.

Our responsibility and privilege is to glorify Him: to enhance His

reputation in the minds of rational creatures and to live our lives

and order our days so that all who encounter us will have a

higher regard for God than they might have had they never

encountered us!  But our besetting temptation is to glorify self:

to live life as if we were the center of the universe, as if the

enhancement of our reputation were a meritorious pursuit, and

as if our contentment were the greatest good of the cosmos.

That is why every believer must continually be confronted with

the demand that God be honored as God (p.55-56).


To live by the words “God is God and I am not” will require an understanding of the words of Jesus in John 12:25, “He who loves his life loses it; and he who hates his life in this world shall keep it to life eternal.”  It will require self-denial and self-sacrifice to understand that I can’t make things happen, I’m not in control, and I don’t run the show of my own life.  It will mean accepting things that I would normally balk at.  It will mean keeping my mouth shut when I would rather say what I think.

Crud!!!  Do I really want to have these words as my directive for 2013?  No, I probably don’t, but I believe that I’m supposed to, so here goes.  This could be an interesting year!


  1. wonderful post, thank you.

    • My heart has been so heavy the last couple of weeks thinking along the same line. God is God, I believe God is preparing His church for the soon coming of the Lord, whether it be this year or five years from now. I believe God wants us to put everything else aside and truly put Him first in everything we do. I will hold those words in my heart this year also and will keep you and yours in my prayers too. God Bless

  2. Exactly!…

    Just dug out your 1994 cd By Faith. Love it!

    Please continue to make beautiful music. Sheryl

  3. I typically never post on blog sites. But I was just in Branson and saw that you and Gary are no longer at PA. I was disappointed. I thought you both did such a great job of injecting a great Spirit into the Show. I’m sure He’s got something grand in mind. Remember that Hannah’s song of I Sam 2 is preceded by her grief in 1 Sam 1. Blessings to you

  4. It’s amazing how God will speak to us loudly when we least expect it.

  5. I do hope you and Gary keep singing. Loved listening to you At Pierce Arrow. I do hope you will be somewhere whether it is Nashville or Branson I hope to get back and listen to the 2 of you.

    We sish you the very best that God has for you.

    Russ & Vickie Creed

  6. All awesome designs. I’d love a copy of this book!

    • If you would like to purchase my book, There is a God, you can do so through my website. You will then be linked to Amazon.com. to make the purchase.


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