Kim’s New Book!


Her new book release is Not Too Far From Here: Moving from Hurt to Hope. (July 2015/BroadStreet Publishing).

During a time of deep distress or disappointment, have you cried out to God, “Why is this happening? What did I do to deserve this? How will I recover from this? Does God care about what I’m going through?” Not Too Far From Here is for anyone who has been hurt. Hurt so badly it’s hard to eat or sleep. You attempt to present yourself as being okay for the sake of your kids, spouse, or friends, but you’re really not okay.

With biblical insight and compassion, Kim Boyce Koreiba shares her story, providing essential and doable steps to bring you comfort, encouragement, direction, and hope. You’ll learn:

·         Where to Turn When Devastation Hits

·         How to Move from Anger to Forgiveness

·         Four Steps to Move Us from Hurt to Healing

·         Focusing on God and Not Our Pain

·         The Power of Scripture to Transcend Disappointments in Life

Place your hand firmly into the hand of Jesus Christ, the Savior, Call upon His Spirit to learn how not to fall prey to a victim mentality after being wounded. You can trust Him. Stand up, brush yourself off, and believe that God has a plan. Jesus—your hope—is not too far from here.

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KIM BOYCE KOREIBA is a former Miss Florida and Top Ten Semi-Finalist in the Miss America Pageant who went on to a highly successful career in Christian music. She produced eight CCM albums, had eleven #1 hit songs on Christian radio, and has toured extensively in the US and abroad. Kim holds a bachelor’s degree in biblical counseling and a master’s degree in Christian counseling. She has authored seven books, and is a vibrant speaker who uses her talents to communicate her passions for walking with God, being a godly wife and mother, and living a faith-filled life.