The 21-and-under Crew: Life Off Stage

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BIguysI was raised in a family of all daughters. My two sisters and I watched the Miss America Pageant every year and had slumber parties where


we practiced putting on makeup.  Then I left home to pursue my music career, and I was suddenly the only girl on the road with a bunch of guys.

I married my husband, Gary Koreiba, and when we became parents, we were blessed with sons.  We have three dogs–all male.  My sons and their friends have made our house a headquarters for all sorts of activities that I don’t understand.  They play video games in “The Man Cave”

so loudly that one would think that they were actually involved in a war.  They have turned the sport of ping pong into a physical game that allows the ceiling, floor, and walls of our basement to be considered in bounds.  They hunt for armadillos at midnight and then come home and eat more food than my sisters and I would have eaten in a week!


When my boys were little, I would joke that I wanted one of them to become a plastic surgeon and a chiropractor–so they could take care of me when I’m old!  But my plan doesn’t seem to be happening.  My 17-year-old son, Alexander, races his Go Kart at State Line Speedway in Blue Eye, MO, and has great plans to become a professional race car driver.  My oldest son, Gary II, is 21 and has just graduated from a television production school and wants to move to one

of the coasts to purse a career in filmmaking.


I’m happy that at this time, both of my sons, and two of their childhood friends, Jared Lee and Justin Oller, are all on stage as the 21-and-under crew at our show, Sunday Gospel Nights.  Years ago, I could not have guessed that the laughter that fills our home when these guys are together would be heard backstage at the show that has been a dream of ours.  I’m cherishing the moments that we have together because I know that life moves on, children grow up, and one day the basement will be too quiet.  Thanks, guys, for all of the joy that you bring!  GuysofSGN

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  1. just happened to run across your website after remembering the good ole days at the Jesus festivals in the 80’s (ie Creation, Fishnet, etc) wow, time sure has flown – we live about 3 hours from you in Oklahoma. I will have my wife get intouch with you – you both seem like kindred spirits hah! Glad to see you still love and serve Jesus!


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