What Do Women Need to Know?

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I’m writing to get your input.  I have been talking with some very influential, knowledgeable women about the need for women’s ministry events that instruct women on issues and topics that are of specific importance.
What are the issues that you (woman, married/single, stay-at-home mom/ working mom, friend, and/ or daughter) deal with and need help with?  If you were going to take the time to attend a women’s conference or event, what do you want to have learned, done, or come away with?  Some topics to consider are:
Biblical principles and their practical, daily application
Marriage and relationships
Health: aging, exercise, eating habits, weight loss
Beauty: makeup, hair, skin care
The importance of your home, homemaking, decorating, cooking
Inspiration and encouragement
Finding your calling and purpose.
Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks, Kim


  1. I find that women need inspitation and encouragement and they want to have fun. They want to understand the gifts that God has given them (calling and purpose). Women are “doers”, they are “nesters”, they explain things and they need the things of God explained to them. How do I raise my children? How can I have a successful marriage? How do I feel accomplished? One thing that I have observed at women’s conference’s is the speakers that have a sence of humor go over so much better. All your points are useful…pick a theme and add some sweetness and some smiles…and some tears. And you will have a successful conference. Try to avoid too many commercials (like pleas for money)…charge a flat fair fee and they will come.

    • Thanks, Nancy. I know that you have held women’s conferences for many years, and I appreciate your wisdom. In fact, I think I sang and spoke at one of your conferences in the 80’s!

  2. Would love to have women empowered with knowledge of how to manage money.

    • Thanks, Cindy. That’s a great suggestion.

  3. Finding your calling and purpose is so important for women. I have observed women in the church that are walking in their gift are happier with themselves and the church.
    Along the same lines inspiration and encouragement are so important to help those struggling to find their purpose.

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