“Why are you in Branson?”

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This article answers that question.


Gary and Kim have been married since 1990 and have two sons, Gary II, 18, and Alexander, 15.  Family has always been a major influence in Gary and Kim’s lives.

Gary comes from a large Italian family in Michigan.  His father owned a Christian bookstore, so Gary was exposed to Christian music through the store at an early age.  Kim’s dad was the general manager of a gospel radio station, so she also had the opportunity to be raised around music.  Gary and Kim both grew up singing with their families, and they both wanted to be involved in Christian music.

Gary left home at 18 to join a Christian band.  A few years later, he moved to Nashville, TN and got the highly coveted job of singing background vocals for Christian music legend, Russ Taff.

Kim went to college, became Miss Florida 1983-84, placed in the Top Ten at the Miss America Pageant, and then moved to Nashville.  Within a year, she had a record deal and went on to have a highly successful career in Contemporary Christian Music.

It was in Nashville that Gary and Kim met.  Three years later, they were married.  They continued to record and travel for the next decade.  When their boys were 6 and 3 years old, Gary and Kim decided that they did not want to raise their boys on a tour bus.  They wanted them to have a more normal upbringing.  When the opportunity arose for Gary to sing with the popular Branson music group, the Koreiba’s made the decision to leave CCM and relocate in Branson.

Kim had planned to be a stay-at-home mom, but three years after moving to Branson, she was asked to fill in for the female vocalist at the theater.

Gary and Kim believe that God has directed their paths.  “The move to Branson is something  we had ever thought about…we had never even been to Branson.  But when the door was opened, Kim and I both knew that God was leading us,” Gary said.  We moved here for our boys, but we have all grown.”


  1. I love you both….and have for years….love how you share your hearts and souls with others…in your way that so unique. AnnD

  2. Kim,

    I was delighted to see you on the Jim Bakker Show today. It is thrilling to see your unwavering commitment to Jesus Christ wherever, whenever and on whatever platform God grants to you.

    Be richly blessed in Jesus’ name!

  3. What are you and Gary doing since you are no longer at Pierce Arrow? I love both of your singing and your testimony.

    • Gary and I are taking some time to seek God’s direction for the next chapter in our lives and ministry. Thanks for asking! We appreciate your encouraging words.

      • We visited the Pierce Arrow show 2 weeks ago & while we did enjoy it, it just wasn’t the same without you & Gary:) May God bless you both as you move on to the next chapter in your lives.

        • Thank you, Sherri. Keep checking back at my website, Facebook page (Kim Boyce), and YouTube channel (Kim Boyce) for more info and updates on what Gary and I will be doing in the future. We are excited about doors that are opening for us! God is faithful.

  4. Commenthi I’m ismael Viveros of the country of Chile I have very fond memories of the disc you recorded in Spanish called by faith. still lie hear that album you recorded in Spanish. I wish God bless you and all your family and may God guide and help you in this new chapter of their lives. blessings. I’ll be praying for you and your family. God bless you always.

  5. I recently saw that you were no longer with Pierce Arrow, so I was glad to see you guys on Jim Bakker show recently. We will be praying for the perfect will of God in your lives. Keep honoring the Lord and He will open doors for you. Many Blessings!!

    • Thank you, Patricia. God is already opening doors for Gary and me that we never could have imagined. He is truly faithful and trustworthy!

  6. Hi Kim,
    I would also like to say that we loved Pierce Arrow and have attended the show through the years. Really miss you guys and so appreciated your faith and witness. Praying that God will bless and anoint your next venture. I can’t wait to hear what it is!!

  7. We were at Pierce Arrow last night and missed seeing ya’ll so we saw ya’ll this morning at the Hughes Theater and really enjoyed it Maybe you will make it to Mobile again. This time with your luggage getting there with you.

    • Thank you for coming to see us at “Oh Happy Day!” It was nice talking with you before the show, and I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed it. Come see us again when you visit Branson.

  8. Lori & I are so happy to count you & Gary as friends. I pray for you both every morning.

    We love you both

    Jeff & Lori Crownover
    Twin Lakes Baptist Church

    • Thank you, Jeff and Lori! Gary and I appreciate your prayers and support. We love TLBC!

  9. I attended the “Oh Happy Day” show today with friends of mine and we all came to the conclusion that it was our favorite. I had no idea of what you have been going through. I had no idea the age of your two wonderfully talented boys! Thank you for your Christian influence and commitment to share the gospel! I pray God will continue to open doors for you and your family and cannot wait to hear of great things! Blessings

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